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Post by Rapsheba555 on October 19th 2009, 7:37 pm

Okay, so I've been doing a little work on the forum. It's not much, but it fixes a couple of long-standing problems.
  • Plus (green) and minus (red) stars have been added and fix the problem that things such as post options and post polls couldn't be opened except by clicking a single pixel. These should also appear in several other places and are used to maximize and minimize certain parts of the forum.
  • The smiley list has been cleaned out and sorted a bit and duplicate smileys (such as the two "wtf" and "blushing" ones) have been removed. There are now different categories, so if you don't see the smiley you want, try a different category. Also, a few codes have been changed, so a few smileys on the forums thus far may be broken. Please be sure to note any new codes. Smile
  • Shiny new light-up things have been put in place that colorize when you roll your mouse over them. This is totally just me having fun with my new programming skills. :P

There is one remaining problem I still see, and that i will work to fix ASAP, though it's not cooperating with me. Thanks for your patience thus far, and I want to hear what you think of the changes. Smile

~Raps (The wiki is very nearly done)

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