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Site Updates: The Wiki

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Site Updates: The Wiki Empty Site Updates: The Wiki

Post by Rapsheba555 on October 7th 2009, 12:04 am

Since the Wiki will be up and running and ready for you guys to edit soon, I figure I should lay down some basic guidelines on how to add or edit a page. Smile Remember you must have an account with WikiSpaces to edit!

If you wish to create a new page, go to the left sidebar. Above where the searchbox is, there is a link called "New page." Click on that. The title of the page should be descriptive, IE: if it is about yourself, it should be your FULL username, not an abbreviation. If you use several usernames, go by the one you have here on NI. You may put a section on your page about nicknames and such. If the page is a definition, be sure to correctly spell the title.

If you have a quote you would like added to the QDB, please PM it to myself or TJ, and we will add it.

-sentences should be full and correctly written, though small errors are fine, TJ or I will correct them.
-Please use appropriate punctuation, though !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111oneoneone may be funny in chat, it makes articles hard to read. Smile
-pictures and such should be appropriately placed, not all over the place. Just try to make things look organized, we're not expecting perfection.
-as usual, nothing of lewd adult nature will be allowed. You know this by now, I assume. :P

If you create a page please PM myself or TJ, and we will add a link to it in the appropriate listing and spell-check, etc. Please include a link to the page.

Bugs and other problems will be worked out as we move on with the Wiki, so stay tuned.


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