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Post by GuardStud08 on September 2nd 2009, 10:40 pm

zoids25 wrote:Generalities

  1. Staff Population (Score 6/10):
    In Total you have 3 administrators including you.. it's not bad because according to your forum statistics.. the number of most users online on your forum is 15.. you have 5 moderators.. the other one is an admin.. i would suggest you to remove atleast 2 so the remaining will be 3.. you don't need that number of moderators for now because you only have 36 registered members.. guests as well as members might complaint about these.. but its still ok,, you have enough members active.. you have 14 creators which their description is for only people who created any sims related,, how about having only 5 maximum members in it but,, i understand you with this because your forum is about nintendo,, you have 2 featured creators(not including the group moderator) which is a group for best of the best creations,, doen't bother me with this.. my advise is to reduce your staff members..
  2. Staff Groups / Usergroups (Score 6/10):
    In total you have 4 usergroups.. not bad,, you have a good usergroups.. nothing much too say.. the only mistake is having the 2 creator groups
  3. Post Ratio and Quantity (Score 9/10):
    Most Active Members posted 100 plus posts.. really good i must say.. keep creating topics so your members will also not stop posting.. keep up the goodwork!
  4. Users Active (Score 10/10):
    As i've said you have 15 out of 36 registerd members are active.. this is good to be considered.. most forums have 75% to 80% having their members inactive.. but i must say that only 50% of your members are active and they keep posting... keep up the good work! about the inactive members,, send them e-mails about the latest updates on your forum weekly or even daily.. these will make them go back to your forum..

Generalities total: 31/40

Display and Layout

  1. Organization (Score 16/20):
    Your forum has less boards that makes your members as well as the gusets easier for them to navigate.. general discussion(cartegory) should be placed on the very last portion of your forum because its not related to your forum,, your chat box should also be placed on the bottom of your forum,, no on the top.. get them fixed
  2. Categories and Forums (Score 17/20):
    As I've said,, your general discussion(category) should be placed on the last portion of the forum.. you don't have a forum for announcements.. i would suggest you to have 1 so that the guests as well as the other members can keep up on what's going on on your forum.. also,, how about adding a category about nintendo(eg: Nintendo discsusion,, nintendo game consoles etc) as it is the main subject of your forum.. that's all i could say.. get those things fixed
  3. Index Appearance (Score 19/20):
    your forum is short because you only have less forum/boards and that is good.. your members and guests will not be bothered scrolling down... no background for your forum is good.. nothing much to say

Generalities total: 52/60

Overall Mark: 83/100
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The Cogs Hope

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