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Site Rules: General

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Announcement Site Rules: General

Post by Rapsheba555 August 4th 2009, 8:21 pm

  1. No spamming. (Never mind)
  2. No posting of adult images.
  3. No flaming/harassing other users. If you are harassed or see another user being harassed, report it to a moderator or admin immediately. Rudeness/sexism/racism/sexual preferencism/etc. are all considered harassment as well.
  4. Censor any extremely vulgar curse words. You only need to censor one letter, such as "sh*t" or "f*ck." (This applies to the chat as well.) Generally though, if you wouldn't say it in a semi-public setting, censor it, or use a different word.
  5. Always post in the appropriate forum, we can't spend all day moving things around.
  6. Respect the admins and mods, and do what they say, unless it involves overthrowing Norway's government and setting up a dictatorship led by Beyonce.
  7. Leet Speek and improper English are annoying and will not be tolerated. Use proper English, it's not hard. We don't ask perfection if English isn't your native tongue, all we ask is that you try. Smile
  8. Report any issues you see with the site or a person to an admin or mod ASAP.
  9. Don't abuse the forums.
  10. Don't smiley spam, it hurts the eyes.

Nintendorks Island abides by all Forumotion-created rules in addition to the ones we have here.

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Announcement Re: Site Rules: General

Post by WhiteWaterWood September 8th 2010, 8:40 pm

It is a now a rule that discussion of torrents is no longer allowed. Stealing is illegal. We consider torrenting stealing. Bitching about this rule will be ignored.

You may however, discuss torrenting of things you already payed for, things that are not available no matter how much money you pay (such as content not available in your country and things that are no long available to anyone at all) and general discussion of torrenting not relating to having torrented or torrenting links.

Loophole: You may discuss it in pm's. Because hey, we don't know what's going on in there. Just keep it out of the main chat.
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