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Post by aninyosaloh May 28th 2011, 2:44 pm

She woke up with the blinding sunlight that passed through her eyes. In her mouth flowed the sweet, metallic taste of blood. She was in the middle of a forest, surrounded by golden autumn oaks. She couldn't hear a single whisper, not even the cold wind that touched her skin.

Suddenly she realized she was lying in a pool of blood. The contact with the red fluid caused a sensation of warmth that she had never experienced before.
She examined her body carefully for the injury which had spilled blood, but found no damage.

The snap of a branch alarmed her and she stood up abruptly, which made her dizzy and she fell again. She turned to her feet and walked aimlessly until she heard the faint murmur of a stream that flowed nearby.
She came quietly and looked to see her reflection in the water. Her mouth was dotted with drops of blood. Suddenly she realized that her pupils had been reduced ten times their normal size, and not due to the sun as she was in a dark area of the forest. The color of her eyes had gone from dark brown to icy and snowy blue. Her skin was pale and stiff with cold as marble.

Then her mind went numb with flash scenes of last night. She remembered an excruciating pain satisfied by the sweet taste of blood. The stars appeared as macules in her fading memory. A sharp pain throbbed in her neck while twisting anxiously in the dark grass under the albino moonlight.

All those memories seemed a dream, a vestige of something that had not happened. But she knew they were real.
Then carefully touched her neck and noticed a mark on her rough skin. She went back to the riverbank and saw that she had a red and pearl mark with a curve shape.
A bitter taste went through her throat. All the changes since the previous night led to the same thing ... but it was impossible. Vampires only existed in fairy tales. She tried to take these ideas out of her head and think to find a logical reason to explain everything that had happened, but she kept thinking that something was left. Then slowly slid her tongue over her upper teeth and felt it. Two sharp fangs protruded one finger than the rest of the teeth. There was no doubt, somehow, in some frightening ways that she could not understand, that night the darkness had penetrated forever and now she was a vampire.

A shiver crossed her body when she realized that if she had woken up covered in blood was not because she was hurt, but because she had bitten someone. She had killed an innocent person just to quench her thirst.
The memory of last night was darker but sharper. She could see many people, she was in a sort of Venetian masquerade party. Amid the shouting and the tumult she could distinguish the Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. A boy approached her, smiling. He wore a black mask inlaid with silver. In the corner of his lip glowed a ruby flash. He whispered something to her and disappeared into the crowd.

She failed to remember anything else, but she kept struggling to understand how she finished in that situation.

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