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List of Mariobot's Commands

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Mario List of Mariobot's Commands

Post by Rapsheba555 May 13th 2011, 2:07 am

Please note Mariobot is not always present in the chatroom. When he is, not all of his modes may be activated. To request a bot mode to be activated, please speak to Rikachu.

@status Requests Mariobot to private message you a list of the current bot modes that are activated.
@seen [nick] - Requests Mariobot to tell you when a certain nickname was last seen in the room
@eightball [question] - Mariobot will act as a magic 8-ball.
@spin - Play Spin the Bottle.
@bday [mm/dd/yyyy] - Records your birthday. (year should always be the next year you have a birthday in. I.E. if your birthday has already passed, you should put next year - if not, put the current year. Also, it is recommended you do this while using your most used nickname - it will record the date in association with your current nick)
@cday [nick] - Gives you the number of days until your or another user's next birthday.
Note: To get your birthday removed (or to remove it to correct the date) please notify Rikachu, who will erase it from mariobot's memory.
@vendmenu - Gives you a list of snacks to order from Mario.
!kill [nick] - Kills any nick you specify. If the nick is left blank, Mario will kill you.
!suicide - Mariobot will kill you.
!give cookie to [nick] - gives a cookie to the nick you specify.
!cookie - Mariobot will give you a cookie.
!pc - Mariobot becomes your own personal plumber.
!ham cookie to [nick] - Gives a ham cookie to any nick you specify.
!give me a ham cookie - Mario will give you a ham cookie.
!Maidplox - Mariobot becomes your own personal maid.

All operators are busy, please insert more money.

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