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Been Kinda Quiet

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Been Kinda Quiet Empty Been Kinda Quiet

Post by Rapsheba555 September 1st 2010, 11:29 pm

Just thought I should update, since it's been a while. It's been rather quiet around here, most people have been pretty busy, myself included. I'll be moving into my dorm on the 16th of September, and after that I'll be settling into college. But never fear, the updates here are still on my radar! TJ has been working diligently on the Wiki, and made the decision to switch to Wikia, as it is much better than the host we had originally planned to use. That will hopefully be ready soon, as will the August QDB. I am working on the affiliates page, so if you'd like to affiliate, send me a PM!

I'll work to post some topics to chat on, see if we can't get some more going on around here. Smile

PS: Don't forget, your Secret Ninja gifts need to be ready by Sept 5!

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