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The Microsoft Kinect.

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The Microsoft Kinect. Empty The Microsoft Kinect.

Post by Rikachu June 22nd 2010, 1:49 pm

I'm pretty sure we all know about this. Microsoft's fail attempt at motion control.

What makes it so fail? Well, let me start.

It's a glorified PlayStation EyeToy. So far, every game I've seen does the exact thing the EyeToy was meant to do, only without projection yourself onto the screen. Most games would not work with Kinect. Why? Imagine trying to play a shooter with it. I, for one, can not play any game without a controller, much less a shooter. I mean, exactly how could the device pick up that you're pulling the trigger or reloading? Sure, Microsoft could make special movements for it, but that would go against the idea of "Immersing a player into the game." Sure, the Kinect is good for games such as Viva Pinata where there's minimal movement involved, but most of the XBox 360's gamers play shooters or adventure/action games. Going onto a different direction, imagine how much interference there would be with this thing. About the only time you could game is when you're completely alone. If someone walked in front of the TV while you were playing a game like, let's say, Jenga (Which, I digress, would work pretty well on Kinect), they could ruin the entire tower.

Now moving onto the design of the Kinect itself. It's not very well made to where it can fit on the top of most older TVs (Even thought it seems most people nowadays have flatscreen HDTVs, some of us are oldschool or can't really afford them) without falling off. The way the Kinect is made means it can really only work well when on top of a TV. The design is also ugly in itself, being unable to fit inside most of today's homes without standing out like a Na'vi in New York. Another thing: The Kinect only comes in black. And i'm pretty sure that the wife of an avid 360 gamer doesn't want a little black ugly thing sitting on the top of her TV in her yellow-and-cream coloured room.

One last thing. TJ showed me a game that could potentially be interesting, if it wasn't completely and obviously fake: Milo.