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Whoof, Busy Day

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Whoof, Busy Day Empty Whoof, Busy Day

Post by Rapsheba555 April 6th 2010, 3:31 pm

Today is BUSY. O.o I'm shipping my Wii off for repair, doing laundry, accepting at Drexel, packing to go to Drexel to visit, making a movie about a trans-universal viking (lol, you'll understand later), doing laundry, helping a friend back up her severely mentally slow computer (I thought she was kidding, boy was she right), cleaning my room, Philo homework, and meshing.

Whoof. Sorry, I won't be on much today or tomorrow. The QDB will be finished next, followed by the judging of the contest (judges should apply here) and then the castle door (I think I finally figured out how it'll work).

... Silent

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