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An old story told again

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An old story told again Empty An old story told again

Post by Ghost on August 10th 2009, 12:51 pm

I'm posting this here because I didn't take pictures. It's too short to post on MTS anyway. But I was just made to realize that it probably should be told, so here it is with a -bit- of poetic licence:

When Kelvin Sylvanus was a sophomore in college he had gotten enough money from selling paintings, performing music after hours for tips, and grants for getting good grades that he decided to splurge and have the gypsy matchmaker find his soul mate for him since he was having very little luck finding her himself.

So he spent 5000 simoleons, and was introduced to a charming woman who was intelligent, charismatic, very experienced... and 65 years old. It was a pleasant time, but not quite what he had in mind.

The gypsy agreed that there had been a minor error, and tried again. He wasn't entirely sure how old the second date was, but the timing was a bit off, since she had to get back to her coffin just as the date started.

The third date was another lovely silver-haired 80 year old.

As was the fourth.

And the 5th.

The sixth was the Contessa again. Fortunately this time there was a bit more night left, so he bought some vampirocillin for emergency use and had a good time.

He tried paying less for the seventh date and got a Drama professor. Still an Elder female, though.

Finally he graduated and got a job in the Paranormal career field. He called the gypsy to try for another date and was not at all surprised to find that his date was still old enough to be his grandmother.

He decided it might help having gypsy friends in his career field, so he began calling the gypsy just to chat. She was very coy about why her crystal ball was having such a hard time finding someone his own age for him, but she promised that she would not be happy until he was married to his soul mate.

The next six dates followed the same pattern. All old enough to be his grandmother.

Then one night he was walking in the park and saw her alone gazing into her crystal ball. Suddenly an image of him appeared and he watched her gaze at it with intense longing. Suddenly he knew what was going wrong with all of his dates. She was trying to get him used to the idea of looking past the difference in ages.

He went over to her. "I would like to ask you for a date"
She smiled at him. "And how much are you willing to spend?"
He shook his head. "Nothing. You misunderstand. I'm not asking you for a blind date. My eyes are open now. I am asking you to accompany me on a date. Please?"

She smiled. "Even knowing where it may lead and what I must sacrifice if it does, I gladly accept."

They were married two days later.

As a gypsy matchmaker she was immortal. When she married she became mortal, and died soon afterward. She paid a heavy price for her love. But she was happy when she died.
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