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Realistic Newspaper Service

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Realistic Newspaper Service Empty Realistic Newspaper Service

Post by corrie August 9th 2009, 8:12 am

Realistic Newspaper Service NewspaperFront

Well, first off this is my first Mod ever.
Anywho, into the Description.

I was sick of Sims getting free newspapers, when we have to pay for them, and the time that it was delivered was too late, considering the time the newspaper gets delivered in Australia. So I decided to change it all. Very Happy

This mod basically changes both, the time the Newspaper is delivered, and also, charges sims a small fee, because, In reality, you will -never- get free newspapers. Unless your homeless, and get them from the trash. :P

Realistic Newspaper Service NewspaperBefore

Realistic Newspaper Service NewspaperAfter

This file overrides the defaults set by Maxis
They are now as Follows:

    * The Newspaper now is delivered at 6AM rather than 9AM (INCLUDED ALL FILES)
    * It now Costs either $3, $5, $8 or the more expensive $10 (depending on what one you download.

Please Only Download 1 File otherwise bad, bad things will happen in your game. Or I shall hunt you down a smack you over the head with a ruler. It's your choice Wink

Here are the Files:

TO INSTALL: I highly recommend getting Delphy's TS3 Installer Monkey from ModTheSims.

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