2010 - March

Bubble Burster - PG13
[Raps555] Dreams are a wish your heart makes. Sadly, your heart is in the clouds and the only brain in your pants is your head up your ass.
[WWW] If dreams are a wish your heart makes, I wish to be a lesbian robot inhabiting the body of a man.
Electronic (Adult) Arts - PG13
[Raps555] I thought riku was on the "good" side, www?
[Raps555] Ah.
* Liz watches TS1 FAIL.
[Ri] Also, that's what I don't get, is Organization XIII Good or bad?
[Liz] Organisation 13 is considered to be bad.
[Liz] I can't be f-cked to write that in Roman Numerals.
[Liz] Because they SUCK.
[Ri] Though the ones who died at Castle Oblivion are good.
[Liz] ASS.
[Liz] EGG.
[Raps555] ...
[Raps555] VAGINA
[Liz] Register Your Vagina Online!
[WWW] Organization XII is 'confused evil guys'
[Beccapixie10] xD
[Liz] It's fast, it's easy, it's worth it.
[WWW] And Riku is 'flighty emo bitch'
[Raps555] xDDDD
[Raps555] flighty emo bitch. xDDDDD
[Liz] To register, jump online at "www.eavaginareg.com"
Holy Communion Fail? - PG
* Master Raps is allergic to alcohol so...
* Becca has never had it, except at church, so...
* Cass has!
[Master Raps] It's nothing special. then again I only had it in my stomach for about 30 seconds before i had to give it back, so...
[Ally Cat] ... are we talking about alcohol?
[Master Raps] yes
[Cass] Yes ma'am.
[Ally Cat] ok
[Ally Cat] haha just checking
[Ally Cat] i got confused
[Master Raps] me+alcohol=violent allergy
* Ri has never had alcohol.
[Ally Cat] for some reason i thought you were talking about Jesus
[Ally Cat] xD
[Master Raps] ROFL
[Cass] ...
Home-Ec - R
[Raps555] Before grilling, vagina is marinated in a mixture of lemon juice, green onions, garlic, and herbs, along with other seasonings.
[Liz] Tasty.
[Liz] Do they shave it first? :P
[Raps555] LOL. Just LOL. I hope so.
[Liz] Mmm, seasoned pubic hair.
[Becca_] xD
Not-So Nursery Rhymes - PG13
[Becca] Jack and jill went up the hill
[Becca] to have some hanky panky
[Becca] but jill forgot to take her pill
[Becca] and out popped little franky
Not What You're Thinking - G
[Sheba] Fill the blanks:
[Sheba] 1. BOO_S ??
[Sheba] 2. _ _NDOM ??
[Sheba] 3. F_ _ K ??
[Sheba] 4. P_ N_S ??
[Sheba] 5. PU_S_??
[Sheba] find out if you where right.
[Sheba] Answers:
[Sheba] 1.BOOKS
[Sheba] 2.RANDOM
[Sheba] 3.FORK
[Sheba] 4.PANTS
[Sheba] 5.PULSE
[WWW] Didn't get number 2 though.
[WWW] fandom?
[WWW] Oh wait.
Patriotism Fail - G
*** Raps555 is now known as Raps|Food
--> Sheba has joined #nintendorks
[Sheba] ....
[Sheba] everytime i arrive, raps is eating
[Sheba] BUT HES NOT FAT. XD *shot*
* Sheba whispers "he cant be american"
<-- Sheba has quit (Client Quit)
[Raps|Food] ROFL
*** Raps|Food is now known as Raps555
Psychic Tiger - G
[WWW] I will have to be content playing FFXII then. Over and over and over and over.
[Raps555] xD
<-- WWW has quit (Quit: Elvis has left the building.)
[Raps555] that is a good game, so.
[Mariobot] yah its very good Raps555
[Raps555] ...
[Ri] 3
[Ri] 2
[Ri] 1
--> NIUser has joined #nintendorks
*** NIUser is now known as WWW
Trufact - G
[Raps555] Apples don't poop!
Web of Lies - G
[Raps555] rofl
[Mariobot] wow you're on the floor laughing?
[Raps555] yes
[Mariobot] she said yes! i said why
[Raps555] No you didn't. :|

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