2010 - February

Animal Abuse? - PG
* PoohBearKitteh buys Sheba a cat just so she can say "My cat is sexier than yours."
* PoohBearKitteh buys Raps a kitten
[Sheba] XD
* Raps555 post-humorously saved sheba
* Raps555 hugs the kitten. :D
[Raps555] KITTEH. :D
* PoohBearKitteh sits and licks her yellow paw
[Raps555] yellow?
[PoohBearKitteh] Pooh Bear Kitteh.
[PoohBearKitteh] :D
[Raps555] >:(
[PoohBearKitteh] Did not!
[Raps555] xD
[Raps555] YESH YOU DID!
[PoohBearKitteh] ...Cathy did it! *points out the window at the cat staring sneakily*
[Raps555] :O
[PoohBearKitteh] She peed on my paw! *cries*
[Sheba] Your p-ssy is sexyer than mine
[Sheba] ?
[PoohBearKitteh] ...
[PoohBearKitteh] BWHAHAHA!
* Raps555 pees on cass while nobody is looking
[Raps555] lmao
* PoohBearKitteh is peed on again.
[PoohBearKitteh] ...
[Raps555] xD
* PoohBearKitteh sobs
[Raps555] Poor cass, she's a regular toilet.
[Raps555] pottybearkitteh
* PoohBearKitteh pees on Raps's shoe and hauls ass
Drawing Conclusions - PG13
[Ri] Mariobot, have you seen Raps' penis?
[Mariobot] Ask Peachy.
[Ri] :o
Familiar Territory - PG13
[Ri] ya'know, why don't people use floppy dicks anymore?
[Ri] ....*DISKS
It Was Deserved - PG
<-- Mariobot has been kicked by Ri (in the face, then the crotch.)
Ladylike Behavior - PG
[Cassikorita] Mario iz nao Property of Cass.
* Cassikorita licks WWW's forehead
[Cassikorita] ...You know the drill.
* Cassikorita eyes Liz
* Ri wonders how he would look with silver hair
[Tree4me] And Japanemo hair...
* Cassikorita shrugs and licks Liz's forehead
[Cassikorita] Mein.
[Tree4me] And big anime eyes...
* Tree4me finds a picture to ogle.
[Ri] o_0
[Tree4me] :3
* WWW sighs girlishly
* WWW locates anime picture of perfect bishie and swoons
[Tree4me] LINK IT!
[WWW] https://2img.net/h/i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb300/zadikall/Zack_Fair_by_Neko21.jpg
[WWW] He totally cares about my burnt toast. <3
* Tree4me swoons.
[Tree4me] The eyes, the hair...
[Tree4me] BABIES!
[Cassikorita] ...
[Cassikorita] Ew.
[Ri] raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaps
[WWW] it's the "staring into your soul and knowing your every need and also wanting to listen to everything you'll ever say including that time you bitched about burning the last slice of bread" look.
[Cassikorita] ...
[Cassikorita] I don't think Raps is here
[Cassikorita] O_O
[WWW] HAVE MY BABIES! *jumps upon the bishie*
[Ri] hes online. :P
[Cassikorita] O__O
[Tree4me] NO WAY HE'S MINE!
* Cassikorita slowly scoots away from WWW
[WWW] No...wait. It's "I want to have your babies." Wrooooong gender.
* WWW catfights to the death
* Tree4me claws at Dubya's face.
* WWW pull's Tree's hair
[Tree4me] OW! Skank!
[Ri] ....
* Ri stares
* Tree4me bites Dubya's ear.
* Cassikorita joins
* WWW whacks her on the head. SKANK!
* Tree4me chokes Dubya. SLUT!
* Cassikorita eats popcorn and watches
* WWW tears off Tree's shirt, SCARLET-WOMAN
* Cassikorita offers Ri and Mariobot some popcorn
* Ri takes
* Tree4me pulls out Dubya's implants. FAKE!!
* WWW deflates Tree's water bra. NOT REAL!
[Tree4me] ...what's a water bra?
[Tree4me] Anyway.
[WWW] You don't know? It's a bra with water in it to make you look bigger.
[Tree4me] Never heard of them.
* Tree4me punches Dubya in the nose.
* WWW owns one
[WWW] ...nevermind. XD
* WWW breaks Tree's glasses
* Tree4me puts in her contacts and breaks Dubya's heels, and watches her trip into the pit of death.
[Cassikorita] ...
* WWW falls. AIIIIIIE!
[Tree4me] I WIN!
Misconceptions - PG13
*** Garbage_Princess is now known as Bitch_Princess
* Bitch_Princess is at that time of the month.
*** Witch|WWW is now known as Princess|WWW
* Princess|WWW totally is too
*** Bitch_Princess is now known as Raps555

[Raps555] XD
* Princess|WWW emits pelican blood
[Raps555] O_.
[Princess|WWW] :D
[Raps555] Er...
[Princess|WWW] What? Did you think we emitted out OWN blood? Silly Raps!
[Princess|WWW] ...of the pelicans?
* Raps555 headdesks
Not Exactly Shoop Da Whoop - PG13
* Becca throws jewellery boxes at everyone
* Bitch_Princess destroys them with her period lazor

[Tyger] ...
[Tyger] ew
[Tyger] bad image
[Bitch_Princess] Pelican Blood...FIRE!
*** Jena is now known as Jenaphobia
[Tyger] "projectile period"
[Jenaphobia] Ew
[Cass] O__________________________________________O
[Becca] O_O EW.
[Jenaphobia] what the heck are you guys talking about
[Jenaphobia] Hides from the disgustion
[Bitch_Princess] Vaginal Lasers
[Cass] I don't wanna know
[Becca] Period lazors destorying jewellery boxes, I think..
[Becca] xD
Other White Meat, The - PG
[Cass] This fruit cup smells like cat ass.
Pearbot is Born - G
[Raps] okay, you should get the email soon.
[Raps] what should I name him/her?
[WWW] The bot? It's a combination of Peach and mario?
[Raps] yes
[Raps] I can always rename it later if we hate it. xD
[WWW] NI Bot? XD I am so creative!
[Raps] Pario!
[Raps] Meach?
[WWW] Meach?
[Raps] I like the second one.
[WWW] Mareach?
[WWW] Peario?
[Raps] xDDD
[WWW] Peario? Hmmm...
[WWW] PearBot?
[Raps] xDDDD
[Raps] It's like a knockoff of Apple. xD
[Raps] Peach is a fruit and mario is a plumber...
[WWW] PearBot throws flaming fruit of death!
[Raps] xD
[Raps] “Only losers name their kids after fruit.” xDDD
[WWW] While unclogging toilets.
[WWW] <.<
* Raps looks at peach
[Raps] lmao, great image
[Raps] hm.
* WWW looks at Grapple, great fruit, horrible name.
* WWW likes Pearbot
[Raps] lol
[Raps] Peachyio?
[Raps] Peachio!
[Raps] Peario?
[WWW] Peario!
[Raps] xD
[Raps] Peachy-O's.
[Raps] sounds like a bad cereal
* WWW is now stuck on 'Pear' mode.
[Raps] xD
[WWW] Mari-O's!
[Raps] bwahahaha
[WWW] Full of plumbing goodness!
[WWW] And peach bits!
[Raps] O-o
[Raps] granola shaped like plungers and U-bends
[WWW] Cleans out the heart like plumbing!
[Raps] xDDD
[WWW] And little bits of peach in the cereal.
[Raps] That sounds revolting. xDDDD
[WWW] It does indeed. XD
* Raps would try that -once-
* WWW would try it once

[Raps] Peachio vs Pearbot vs Meach
[Raps] It should sound a little ghetto
[Raps] Peachyho?
[WWW] PearbotFromDaHood?
[Raps] xDDDD
[WWW] CyberPear!
[Raps] GhettoMeach
[Raps] This would make a great quote. xD
[WWW] PearMEach.
[Raps] ghetto-peachio!
[WWW] XD Indeed it would.
[WWW] PearBEatch.
[Raps] xDDDD
[WWW] ...That doesn't even stand for anything. XD
[Raps] Meachio?
[WWW] MeachyPear?
[Raps] my gums hurt from laughing. X'D
[WWW] This pear is too Meachy! Throw it out!
[Raps] Pearchio?
[WWW] We shall have Mario-Os for breakfast instead!
[Raps] now it sounds italian. xD
* Raps runs from the plumbing cereal
[WWW] Pearchio Meachy, Italian Lover.
[Raps] I like that
[Raps] 'da Meachy?
[Raps] Sorta like da vinci?
[WWW] Merchio la Pear?
[Raps] X'D
[WWW] da' Meachy. XD
[Raps] xD
[Raps]oops, sorry. Wrong 'postrophe. xD
[Raps] so....Da' Meachy?
[WWW] What good is an apostrophy before a word? It's like frosting on the bottom of a cake
[WWW] Madness.
[Raps] I'm quoting that. xD
[Raps] are we going with da meachy?
[WWW] Thankies! Just correct my spelling of apostrophe so I don't look like an idiot? XD
[WWW] I dunno.
[WWW] I still like Pearbot.
[Raps] xD
[Raps] We need another bot. xD
[WWW] Pearbot da Meachy?
[Raps] XD
[Raps] Yes.
[WWW] Yus!
[Raps] Everyone Wins.
[WWW] No one shall have any idea what we are talking about!
[Raps] xD
[WWW] It shall be PERFECT.
[WWW] And he shall make vague references to cereal.
[Raps] Can we make it sound any more ghetto?
[Raps] xDDDD
[Raps] Peahbot Da' Meechy?
[WWW] I have no idea how to make a master painter's name sound ghetto. XD
[Raps] xD
[Raps] they'll think we went insane. xD
[WWW] Now it sounds like a soup!
[Raps] xD
[Raps] ghetto master painter soup.
[WWW] Soup and Pears and Plumbing DO YOU WANT SOME MARI-Os?! *theme music plays*
* Raps jams on air guitar
[WWW] Soup....cereal. Yus.
[WWW] Heck with milk!
[Raps] xD
[WWW] But...Pear Soup?
[Raps] So Peahbot Da' Meechy or Pearbot Da' Meachy?
[Raps] lmao tasty!
[WWW] Last one. XD
[Raps] kk. XD
[WWW] They will think we have gone mad. We will tell them all that Leoplurodon has spoken!
[WWW] It has told us THE WAY.
[Raps] xDDDDDD
* WWW hopes Raps has seen Charlie the Unicorn
[Raps] okay, the email is sent.
[Raps] yep. :P
[WWW] Yay! I shall sift through my spam to find it.
[Raps] xD
[WWW] We're on a bridge, Charlie!
[Raps] I totally read spam as sperm. xD
[Raps] WRONG gender. xD
[WWW] I dun have those. I have eggs. I am like chicken.
* WWW clucks
* Raps feeds the chickens
* Raps hopes not to have pelican blood emitted on him

[WWW] Women are totally related to birds.
[Raps] xDDDD Clearly, they're so flighty.
[Raps] kabom tish.
[Raps] ?
[Raps] xD
Sad Truth, The - PG
WWW] It's....gory. It's like the mesh was murdered in bad blood.
* Sheba promises to search for the computer upstairs
[Sheba] o.o
[WWW] Yay!
[WWW] Nuuuuuu! D:
* WWW fends them off with a mermaid.
*** Raps555 is now known as Princess|Raps

* Princess|Raps screams femininely
*** WWW is now known as Prince|WWW

[Prince|WWW] I shall slay the pelicans!
[Princess|Raps] My hero!
* Princess|Raps is splattered with pelican blood
[Princess|Raps] Ewwww....
[Prince|WWW] But since I am a perfect man, I am both taken AND gay! Hah!
* Princess|Raps vomits
[Prince|WWW] Women everywhere weep.
*** Prince|WWW is now known as Princess|WWW
* Princess|WWW weeeps
* Princess|Raps commits suicide WHY MUST ALL THE GOOD ONES BE TAKEN?!
*** Princess|Raps is now known as ZombiePrincess
* ZombiePrincess eats the prince's brains
* ZombiePrincess is now happy. :DDDD
We've Been Here Before - PG
[WWW] I think the graphics was AMAZING in that movie, but the plot has been done SO MANY times.
[WWW] It was CGI Pocahantas. :/
[Ri] ...it was nothing like Pocahantas.
[WWW] What?
[Raps555] Still, the plot was pretty well disguised
[WWW] Teaching him the way of the natives and such, totally Pocahantas.
[WWW] I dunno, I still liked it very much.
[WWW] I just think they could have spent more time on character and plot development and less time on 'pretty pictures!'
* WWW still loves the pretty to death though
* WWW snuggles them
* Raps555 does ass well
[Raps555] *as
[WWW] ...
* Raps555 facepalms
[WWW] -snerk-
* WWW busts out laughing so hard

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