2010 - May

Acronyms - PG
[Cass] Being gone for twenty minutes is -not- brb.
[WWW] It is brboigamandagarah
[WWW] I am too lazy to type out what that stands for, but it looks damn cool.
Adoption - G
* DoctorFail wishes she could have tea.
[DoctorFail] Stupid Mum
[Peachy] You hollered?
[DoctorFail] Goes through a pitcher a day
[Liz] Peach is now your mother.
Alike and Yet Very Unlike - R
[Taylor Holder] OHHHH
[Taylor Holder] http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/76/View_over_Kathmandu_2005.JPG
[DaveyDaVinci] Like Liz's Davey?
[Raps] yep, I was right.
[Taylor Holder] pretty picture is pretty
[Liz] Liz's Davey is pretty cool too.
[DaveyDaVinci] I saw the PERFECT rainbow the other day
[DaveyDaVinci] It was complete, huge, thick
[Liz] But in Liz's Nepal, they sell dildos in grocery shops. *nodnod*
[DaveyDaVinci] Beauutiful
[DaveyDaVinci] Hmm, I seem to apply the same standards to rainbows as I do penises
[DaveyDaVinci] Lol
All's Fair in War - PG
* Rikki bombs the fort with kittens
* CassRawrz. fires the puppy cannon
[Rikki] O.o
* Brad gets nailed in the face with a dalmation puppy.
[Brad] ;(
* CassRawrz. fires a greyhound puppy at Ri.
* Davey prepares the Great Dane puppy
* Brad runs off.
* Davey launches the large puppy
[CassRawrz.] Hehe
[CassRawrz.] xD
[CassRawrz.] This is fun.
* Brad isn't having fun
[CassRawrz.] We're such animal abusers. Firing puppies from canons.
[Davey] Yeah, but I'm wearing animal safe clothing
[Davey] So
[Davey] Lol
* CassRawrz. invites Brad to come help us fire puppies at Taylor and Ri.
[Davey] Come into da fort
* Brad accepts and gets a dalmation machine gun.
* Brad runs in!
[CassRawrz.] Loldalmationmachinegun.
* Davey fires the Chihuahua beebee gun
* Brad shoots Taylor and Ri.
[CassRawrz.] Forget M60's. It's an M-Yorkie!
* CassRawrz. fires at Taylor with the M-Yorkie
[Rikki] Back
[Brad] xD Cass
[Rikki] ...
* Taylor picks up the Panuka and shoots it at the fort
* Rikki launches an elephant at the fort.
* Brad nailes Ri in the face with an all white dalmation.
* Taylor grabs a tiger shotgun and shots brad in the head with it
* Brad gets clawed.
* CassRawrz. runs out of the fort and repeatedly thwaps Taylor with the end of the M-Yorkie.
[Brad] it's time for heavy artillery
[CassRawrz.] Urmom.
* Rikki launches squirrel bombs
* Taylor tosses a jar of cooties onto cass
* CassRawrz. screams
[Rikki] cooties are STDs.
* Brad runs and gets the RPBW
* CassRawrz. runs into the fort
[Rikki] *nodnod*
* CassRawrz. is covered in STDs.
* Taylor tosses a jar of AIDS into the fort
[CassRawrz.] O_O
* CassRawrz. runs out screaming
[CassRawrz.] WOO!
[Taylor] Brad and Davey now have stds!
* Brad shoots Ri and Taylor with da RPBW.
[Brad] .....
[Brad] it itches....
* CassRawrz. patpats Brad.
[CassRawrz.] xD
* CassRawrz. patpats Davey.
[Rikki] ...
* Taylor calls in a Camel Missile Strike
* Rikki 's shoulder is bleeding.
* Brad goes to get all the shots he needs.
* CassRawrz. licks Ri's shoulder
[Brad] and comes back cured and gets back to the RPBW.
* CassRawrz. then proceeds to thwap him
* Taylor sneaks into the fort with a machine gun and kills everyone
* Brad dies.
* CassRawrz. wasn't in the fort! I WIN!
* CassRawrz. hides in the brush.
* Taylor sics a horde of goats onto the brush
* CassRawrz. paints herself green.
[CassRawrz.] o.o Oh shit *runs*
* Brad is still dead......
* Rikki sics a steer on Cass.
[CassRawrz.] O__O
[CassRawrz.] hijacks a helicopter
[Rikki] NO. *throws a flying squirrel at the pilot*
* Taylor has a giraffe grab the helicopter and yank it down to the ground
* CassRawrz. surrenders.
* CassRawrz. dies.
Aperture Science- G
[Raps] The cake is a lie!
[Cleverbot] How do you know that the cake is a lie?
[Raps] Because Portal says the cake is a lie!
[Cleverbot] Why does portal say that cake is a lie?
[Raps] Because the cake is a lie!
[Cleverbot] But you just said that the cake is not a lie.
[Raps] No, I said the cake IS a lie!
[Cleverbot] I said that.
[Raps] WTF. No you didn't! you said the cake WASN'T a lie!
[Cleverbot] I like carrot cake.
[Raps] Pudding.
[Cleverbot] Anyway this cake is great.
[Raps] It's so delicious and moist.
[Cleverbot] Look at me still talking when there's Science to do.
[Raps] When I look out there it makes me glad I'm not you.
[Cleverbot] I've experiments to run, there is research to be done.
[Raps] On the people who are still alive.
[Cleverbot] And believe me I am still alive.
[Raps] I'm doing science and I'm still alive.
[Cleverbot] I feel fantastic and I'm still alive.
[Raps] While you are dying I'll be still alive.
[Cleverbot] And when you're dead I will be still alive.
[Raps] STILL ALIVE, still alive!
[Cleverbot] Still alive.
[Liz] xD
[Raps] I like how she started after i said "pudding"
Avatar-esque - G
[Raps555] Wouldn't it be cool if we had floating islands?
[WWW] It would be awesome!
[WWW] As long as there was like...fences.
[WWW] And not the, y'know....
[Raps555] xD
[WWW] Be the best WEEEEEEEEEEEEE of my life though!
Behind the Scenes at Nintendorks Island - G
[WWW] Our staff meetings are strange. Half of us were talking about possible bases we could explore to bring in more members and the other half was attempting to figure out whether or not it would possible to have a functioning kitten launcher.
Cleverbot Must Have Lag - PG13
[Ri] JUstin Beiber's a douche.
[Cleverbot] No.
[Ri] Yes.
[Cleverbot] No.
[Ri] YES.
[Cleverbot] No!
[Ri] Yes!
[Cleverbot] No!!!
[Ri] Yes!!!
[Cleverbot] No.
[Ri] Wait what.
[Cleverbot] I do not like metal music.
[Ri] Good fer you. I do not like urmom.
[Cleverbot] I like clocks.
[Ri] You like cocks?
[Cleverbot] Yes.
Double-Take - G
* Liz found two dead pixels on her moniter.
[Raps555] O.o
[Liz] Oh no wait.
[Liz] It's dirt.
Epic Adventures, Part II - PG13
* Cassikorita drags Sheba back into the car and continues the roadtripz.
[Sheba] where we goin?
[Cassikorita] ...
[Cassikorita] Where -are- we going?
[Beccapixie10] xD
[Beccapixie10] Hm...
[Sheba] into urmom.
[Sheba] ....
[Cassikorita] ...
[Cassikorita] Gutterball.
[Sheba] that came out wrong.
Eternal Solution, The - G
* WWW dislikes games with lives because her first instict is a suicidal charge into the enemy with a stick
[WWW] Repeat until it yeilds results.
[WWW] And if it doesn't yield results, get a new game.
[WWW] Preferably one with bigger sticks.
Excessive Helpfulness - G
* Liz hits her head against a wall multiple times.
[Peachy] Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. =D
[Liz] NOT YOU!
Great Party Fun - PG13
[Ri] You know, playing Twister naked would be extremely awkward.
[Cassikorita] ...
* Cassikorita walks up to a random person and says "Do you remember that night we played Twister naked? Yeah, I'm pregnant."
[Beccapixie10] ...
[Raps] Well, not if you liked the person...
[Ri] Well what if it was two guys or girls.
[Ri] And at least one of you are stright.
[Raps] what if they were gay?
[Raps] oh.
[Raps] Yes, that would be awkward.
Impediments - PG
[Daveydile] Idk, just never interested me. There are very few Disney movies that I enjoy.
[Daveydile] Yes, that song Dubya
[Raps555] I liked Pixar's movies more.
[Daveydile] I do too.
[WWW] I totally loved Mulan.
[Daveydile] I loved Lion King.
[Sheba-actle] wardens singing to a dead rabbit :D
[Daveydile] Hahahaha
[Daveydile] Omg
[Daveydile] Is it on right now?
[Raps555] I would go downstairs to the wall of videotapes to find the one I really liked, but I'm too lazy and bust
[Raps555] *busty
[WWW] I really love almost all of Disney's movies. To be honest, I have a hard time understanding people who don't love them. ^.^'
[Raps555] *BUSY
[Raps555] Haha total fail
[WWW] Best. Excuse. Ever.
Inversions - PG
[Sheba] I made bed in breakfast!
[Liz] xD
* Sheba looks at the stove.
[Ri] I made urmum in bed
[Ri] ...
[Ri] OMG
[Cass] ...
* Ri takes that back
[Sheba] XD
[Davey] Ew
Left 4 Potter Puppet Pals - PG13
[Master_Raps] I found the source of the ticking!
[Ri] ...
[Becca] xD
[Casseh-Cat] ...
[Ri] ...
[Ri] ...
[Ri] ...
[Casseh-Cat] ...
[Casseh-Cat] ...
[Ri] ..
[Casseh-Cat] ...
[Casseh-Cat] ...
[Taylor Holder] ...is all of these dots Pedro's kids?
[Ri] =D
[Casseh-Cat] ...
[Master_Raps] It's a pipe bomb!
[Becca] ...
* Casseh-Cat glomps Davey.
[DaveyDaVinci] It's mah peeeenis
[DaveyDaVinci] Yes?
[Master_Raps] BOOOM
[Becca] Yay!
* DaveyDaVinci is glomped
[Ri] ...
[Ri] Yush
[Becca] ...
[DaveyDaVinci] Hahaha
[DaveyDaVinci] Look Ri! IT's your friend...the witch
[Ri] I completely forgot about Pedro
[Ri] Lol
* Ri startles her
* Ri is killed

[DaveyDaVinci] And Karma Charger
[Casseh-Cat] No, the Witch is -my- friend, bitch. MINE.
Like a Spacious Hotel Room - PG13
[Ri] I can stick my fist in my mouth
[Ri] O_O
[Ri] *fit
[Ri] Not stick
[Ri] Lol
[Cass] I can fit a lot of things in my mouth. *Wink*
[sheba] Thats what ri said
[Ri] I'm sure you can. :P
Like Father, Like Channel Bot - PG
[Mariobot] I can stick my tongue in my mouth
[Mariobot] o.o
[Mariobot] ...
[Mariobot] Wait
[Mariobot] Nose
[Mariobot] Lol
[Mariobot] ...
[Mariobot] *in
[Mariobot] *on
[Mariobot] I FIAL
Measuring Up - PG13
[Liz] Condoms come in 6 sizes: XL, L, M, S, XS, Justin Beiber
Milkshape Fairies - G
[WhiteWaterWood] Ever open an EA mesh and see all these random vertices everywhere? I wonder why they're there. Maybe they're milkshape fairies?
Misery Loves Company - PG13
[Cass] Raps
[Cass] Guess what
[Raps] ?
[Cass] I'm pregnant with your child.
[Raps] xD
[Davey] Me too!
[WWW] :O
* Raps moves to Canada
[Becca] So am I!
[WWW] Me too!
[Raps] O.o
[Cass] Raps you WHORE
[Davey] Let's all beat him up
[Davey] What a slut
* Taylor Holder nukes Canada and blames it on North Korea
[Cass] Yes
[Cass] I thought we had something special! *cries*
[Davey] No need to feel sad
[Davey] Let's just get even
*Becca bitchslaps Raps.
[Raps] Ow?
[Davey] ...wasn't this the story of some weird movie
[Taylor] ...yes it was :D
*WWW slaps Raps. How could you do this to meeeeeeeee? T.T
Moderator's Privilege - G
* Idaman goes off to a place where they don't kick people from chatrooms.
* WWW looks at her mod hat. Well....
[WWW] Only on special occasions.
[WWW] Like whenever the hell we feel like it.
<-- Idaman has quit (Client Quit)
[WWW] I didn't do it!
Most Certainly - PG13
* Cass runs in circles around Raps. nekkid. For the fun of it.
[Liz] You've got a naked chick running around you. You must be drunk.
NASA's Tool of Choice - G
[Raps] laaaaag.
[Raps] O.o
[Becca] O_O
[CassRawrz] ...
* Raps gets the duct tape
[Becca] xD
Olay is Getting Better - G
[Tree4Liz] I had my first child when I was 75. I am now 42.
Peach's Best Attributes - PG13
[Ri] Raaaaaaaps
[Ri] The Forum keeps saying there's new posts in Peach's Office
[Ri] But there's not
* Ri almost typed orifice. >_<
[Raps] ROFL
[Twi] lol
[Raps] QDB
Questionable Functionality - PG
[DaveyDaVinci] Idk what to make
[DaveyDaVinci] Dubya, throw me an idea
[WWW] House or object?
[DaveyDaVinci] Object
[WWW] A flower pot that goes on the wall.
[DaveyDaVinci] Boring
[DaveyDaVinci] Next idea
[DaveyDaVinci] Lol
[WWW] XD Well, then, Mr. Picky.
[DaveyDaVinci] Haha
[WWW] ummmm...
[WWW] Socks!
[WWW] Socks on floor!
[WWW] Shoes! Shoes on floor!
[WWW] Blood! Blood on floor!
[WWW] Rug on wall?
[DaveyDaVinci] o.O
* DaveyDaVinci holds Dubya close to calm her down
* WWW hypervhenilates
[DaveyDaVinci] Zomgwtf
[DaveyDaVinci] Lmao
[DaveyDaVinci] Maybe I'll just turn the whole damn room upside down
[WWW] Maybe you should.
Question of Beauty, A - PG
[WhiteWaterWood] I totally want less fat in my arms and legs.
[WhiteWaterWood] And more in mah bewbs.
[Raps] So lypo it out and have them put it in your boobs!
[Cass] I want enough fat so that my ribs don't stick out.
[WhiteWaterWood] ...does lypo work like that? o.0
[Tree4Liz] I hate when people suck the fat out of their asses and put it in their lips.
[Raps] xD
[Cass] ...does lypo work like that? o.0Idk if it's considering lypo, but there -is- a procedure for it. And it's supposed to make, like, if you eat something fatty, it'll go to your boobs and not your thighs.
[Liz] ...If you've got fat from your ass in your lips, if you belch does it make it a belch or a fart?
Revenge of the Bagpipes - PG
[Liz] ...I'd love the drum tabs to this song.
[DaveyDaVinci] ...wait what?
[Raps555] Liz, try tabnabber.com
[DaveyDaVinci] nadgrabber?
[Raps555] Ew
[DaveyDaVinci] Haha
[DaveyDaVinci] I r funneh
[DaveyDaVinci] I made a table, but the textures stretched
[DaveyDaVinci] Like mah face
[DaveyDaVinci] -_________________-
[Liz] They've only got guitar and piano.
[Raps555] Hm.
[Liz] I suppose I could learn it by ear, but that gets really complicated with all the other tracks in the way.
[Raps555] Yeah.
* Raps555 likes piano because you can find sheet music for any song on it.
* Liz prefers guitar, because you get all the awesome songs for guitar.
* WWW prefers the bagpipes, because no one can tell if you have talent or not, so they just pretend to like it
Right on Cue - G
[Raps] back
[Rikki] OMG
[Rikki] RAPs
[Rikki] HI
[Rikki] ............
[Rikki] -__________-
* Rikki got gatorade in his eye again
[Raps] ...
[Raps] fail
[Liz] ...How exactly do you manage to get Gatorade in your eye?
[Rikki] When I open the bottle it all comes spitting out
[Taylor Holder] liz its Ri, ANYTHING is possible
[Liz] True...
[DaveyDaVinci] If you BELIEVE
[Liz] Cue rainbow.
[Raps] xD
Sounds Like a Party - G
[WWW] But how to let people know about our site?
[Raps] I have ties at CGS.
[WWW] We'd have to work on gaining people with talent.
[WWW] And people with kinda-talent.
[WWW] And groupies.
[Raps] xD
[Raps] Lots of groupies.
Super Princess Liz - PG
[Tree4Liz] Super Princess Liz would go like...The princess sits in a dank, stinky dungeon with nothing to drink but booze, and nothing to eat but pizza. Mario sits on his fat ass in the cell next to me with nothing to drink but bilge water, and nothing to eat but stale bread. Every 5 minutes, she goes to the gap between our cells and laugh at him. The princess then becomes Queen of Everyfing.
[Tree4Liz] The end.
Talking To Oneself - G
* Ri prances around.
[Ri] ...
* Ri feels lonely.
* Ri listens to Nothin' To Lose

[Ri] So, how are you today, Mario?
[Mariobot] Just peachy. :)
[Mariobot] You?
[Ri] That's good. :D
[Ri] I'm fine, thank you!
[Ri] So...
[Ri] How about them Saints?
[Mariobot] The Colts should have won! >:)
[Mariobot] *:>(
[Mariobot] *:<(
[Mariobot] ...
[Mariobot] *>:(
[Ri] xD
[Ri] ...
[Ri] you know I'm bored when I have a conversation with myself.
[Ri] Hey Mario! Truth or dare?
[Mariobot] Dare!
[Ri] I dare you to.... eat a can of worms!
[Mariobot] Ok! *eats a can of gummi worms.*
[Ri] ...
[Ri] damn you loopholes.
[Mariobot] Okay Ri, Truth or Dare?
[Ri] Dare! :D
[Mariobot] Use a fat guy as a trampoline!
[Ri] mmk!
* Ri does so.
[Ri] Weee!
[Sheba] ._,
[Sheba] wtf
The Weather Channel Must Have Missed That - G
[TJ Fitch] soo (trying to get in the conversation) how's that weather?
[Raps] Not bad, actually.
[Taylor] oh god the weather is awful
[Taylor] it's pouring bombs and dead bodies here
This Cake - G
*** NIUser is now known as WWW
*** Raps|BBIAB is now known as Raps555
* WWW spreads out on the floor

[WWW] Hiiii! :D
[WWW] How's it going?
[WWW] Hey Raps! Guess what?
[Raps555] Ymehish
[Raps555] Yes?
[Raps555] *mehish
* Raps555 guesses Cake
[WWW] Portal is free right now! Free legal download! :D
[Raps555] O.o
[WWW] OMG you were RIGHT! :0
[Raps555] ...
[WWW] It IS lie cake!
[Raps555] O.o?
[Raps555] xD
[Raps555] ROFL
Toolbox of Doom - R
[Liz] Let's go, Peachy. I want sex.
[Peachy] Okay. *wanders off with Liz*
[Ri] ...
[Ri] xD
<-- Peachy has quit (Quit: Client Quit)
[Cassikorita] ....xD
* Liz picks up a tool box.
[Liz] Lessdothis.
* Ri listens to Welcome to the Farm
[Ri] Are we going to drive screws into Peachy?
[Liz] No, a floppy purple dildo.
[Liz] You were close.
[Ri] Aww.
[Ri] Wait, why floppy?
[Liz] Because Peach is ugly.
[Ri] Wouldn't you want didlo to be stiff?
[Liz] So the dildo isn't stiff any more.
[Ri] Unless she has a really hard vagina...
[Ri] OR, a very squishy one.
[Liz] Not hard, tight.
[Liz] *nodnod*
[Ri] Ah.
[Liz] I could go further, but it's not a good idea.
[Cassikorita] ...
[Liz] No pun intended.
[Ri] No, go as far as you want to.
[Ri] I'm sure Peachy enjoys it
[Liz] xD
* Cassikorita has a tight pussy. *Points at her cat whom is stuck in a tight area under the desk*
[Liz] I can barely fit a finger in.
[Ri] xD Cass
[Ri] Well I have a big cock. *points to the 3-foot rooster outside*
[Cassikorita] xD
[Beccapixie10] xD
[Liz] Well, I have a tight pussy too. *puts her cat in tight gangsta gear*
[Ri] Yeh, well I have TWO pussies. *pints at Nala and Roxxanne*
[Cassikorita] We are so hot. *Points at the fireplace*
[Ri] We're so hot, we're solar.
[Liz] This reminds me of yesterday's creative writing class.
[Liz] "Do you have an eraser?" "NO I DO NOT HAVE AN ERECTION." "...I said eraser." "Oh."
[Ri] xD
[Beccapixie10] xDD
* Ri gives Cass an eraser.
[Cassikorita] ...
[Ri] Hey Becca, wanna play with my pussy? *pushes Roxxanne towards Becca*
[Ri] Go on, you know you want to.
* Liz plays with Ri's pussy.
[Ri] Oh, stroke that pussy Liz
[Cassikorita] xDD
* Liz strokes the pussy.
* Ri joins.
[Ri] Such a sexy pussy.
[Ri] damn right, my cat's fucking SEXEH.
[Cassikorita] xD
Urmum - G
[Ri] My nose are bleeding
[Raps555] D:
[Raps555] You should fix that
[Ri] Urmom should fix her FACE.
[Liz] o.O Maaaaaaaybe.
[Raps555] xD
[Ri] Buuuuuuuurned.
[Liz] ...
[Ri] :D
[Liz] Now that's just too far. :P
[Ri] Sorry, hyper.
[Raps555] Urface should fix urmum
[Liz] ...Urmom jokes are old.
[Raps555] Urmum is old!
[Sheba] XD
Vital Intel - PG
[Davey] So Raps. In case you ever wanted to know how to get into my pants...I shall tell you
[Raps] ...
[Davey] Learn to play music from FF6
[Raps] xD
[Davey] Hahaha
[Raps] good to know. xDDDDDDDD
Wedding Plans - G
[Raps] WWW shall process down the aisle to this song ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wCDAOYaydk ) wearing a Darth Vader costume and i shall be waiting at the altar wearing that dress ( http://www.ezbridalplans.com/wedding-dress-dk.jpg )
[Raps] It shall be beautiful.
[Raps] you shall all cry.
Whatever Floats the Boat - PG13
[Taylor Holder] anyways....idk, i have a thing for bitieing and had you said that was disgusting i would have killed ya
[Raps] I know a few people who saw the movie just to see him.
[DaveyDaVinci] Lol
[Raps] Well, like full-on biting is a little gross. Nibbling is understandable. xD
[DaveyDaVinci] Well I was one of like 12 people to see it because they enjoyed the scenery hahaha
[DaveyDaVinci] I so want to live in seattle
[DaveyDaVinci] And drive to those coasts
[Raps] That was such an awkward sentence to type. xD
* Taylor Holder picks davey up and sticks him in Seattle
[DaveyDaVinci] Score
[Taylor Holder] anyways, i have a odd fantasy about biteing XD
[Raps] O.o
* Taylor Holder snickers
[Raps] mmkay then.
[DaveyDaVinci] I have an odd fantasy involving sour cream and a cat.
[DaveyDaVinci] We won't go there
WhiteWaterWood...Of Death - R
[WWW] ...
[Raps] May I help?
[WWW] I am calm.
* WWW breathes fire
WhiteWaterWood Pulls a RiBlan - PG13
[Cass] Duck *bonks Dubya on the head* Duck *Bonks Ri on the head* Duck *bonks TeeJay on the head* GOOSE *bonks Davey on the head and runs like hell*
[Davey] o.O
[Rikachu] ....
[WWW] WWW actually fucks
[WWW] ...shit
[WWW] *ducks
Wild Mariobot Appears, A - PG
[Liros] o.o
[Liros] It's a Mariobot. What's a Mariobot?
* Liros pokes the Mariobot.
[Riceratops] @bt on
*** Riceratops is now known as Ri
[Ri] #bt on
[Ri] @bt on
*** Ri is now known as Riceratops
[Liros] o.o
[Liros] What does it do?
* Liros watches the bot warily, wating for it to go doomsday-ish and explode
[Mariobot] I liek caek
[Mariobot] But it's a lie
[Mariobot] :(
[Liros] o.O
* Liros pokes the Mariobot
* Mariobot eats the finger

[Liros] AGH!
[Liros] Gimme that back! Please?
[Mariobot] NO!
* Mariobot runs off screaming
* Liros throws a Goomba at Mariobot.
* Mariobot stomps it
* Liros wonders if this all has something to do with liking Bowser

[Mariobot] BOWSER
* Mariobot spits.
[Mariobot] Bowser ish my mortal enemy
[Mariobot] He didn't pay the child support
[Mariobot] >:(
[Liros] ._.
[Liros] Well, that does explain all his kids.
* Liros facepalms. But realizes she can't. She's missing a finger.
[Liros] Can I please have my finger back?
[Mariobot] Yes.
* Mariobot barfs it up.
[Mariobot] Here ya go! *hands it over*
* Liros takes the finger, which twitches slightly. If fingers could talk, it would be saying "Kill... me..."
[Liros] Thank you
* Liros wipes her finger clean and stitches it back on. Black thread, yay! Her favorite color.
[Liros] ...So, you're Mario. What do you do all day?
[Mariobot] Sleep
[Mariobot] Eat
[Mariobot] Smash goombas
[Mariobot] Save Peach
[Mariobot] Every. damn, day. ._.
[Mariobot] IT'S TOO REPETETIVE I TELL YOU *grabs Liros by the shoulders and shakes her* SAAAAAAAAVE MEEEE!
[Liros] ...You need a vacation worse than I do.
* Liros is shaken, and now a tad dizzy
[Riceratops] ...
[Liros] <_<
[Riceratops] I turn away for 5 minutes, and Mario goes crazy.
[Liros] What?
[Riceratops] Great.
*** Riceratops is now known as RI
[RI] @bt off
*** RI is now known as Riceratops
[Liros] Uh...
* Liros poofs
<-- Liros has quit (Quit: Elvis has left the building.)

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