2010 - June

Adno Camdu - PG
* NaggerCass goes to a corner and plots
[BlueRi] Raps, you missed my epic fail earlier
[BlueRi] [Rikachu] Kiijs kijo adno camdu
[BlueRi] [Rikachu] ...
[BlueRi] [Rikachu] *looks like rock candy
[BlackRaps] LOL
[BlackRaps] How did you manage -that?-
[NaggerCass] Ri speaks Japanese and he doesn't know it
[NaggerCass] That's how
[BlueRi] My fingers got distracted. o.O
[BlackRaps] that's what I was thinking. xD
[NaggerCass] ...
[BlackRaps] .....LOLOLOLOL
[NaggerCass] LOL.
* NaggerCass rofls
* BlackRaps bursts out laughing
* NaggerCass does the same

[BlackRaps] QDB of a QDB. I like it.
Basement Cat - PG
* Casseh-cat grabs Sophie and brings her along to the bathroom
Cass of All Trades - PG13
[Rikachu] I didn't get my first keyboard phone until last year
[Rikachu] Lol
[DaveyDaVinci] I've never had a keyboard phone
[DaveyDaVinci] -_-
* Casss pats Davey. Iz ok.
[Raps555] Kids these days.
[Rikachu] Even now I use the touchscreen dial pad for texting more.
* Rikachu doesn't really like phone QWERTYs.
[Casss] It takes me five minutes to write lol on a dial pad, dude.
[Raps555] Betcha neither of you knows how to use a typewriter.
[DaveyDaVinci] I don't either. I'm really clumsy with them
[Casss] Not exaggerating.
[DaveyDaVinci] I do =)
[Rikachu] I do!
[Casss] Well, maybe a little.
[Raps555] xP
[Casss] I've never used a typewriter, so.
[Rikachu] I an also ride horseback
[Rikachu] Beat that
[Rikachu] Lol
* Casss can ride on horseback.
[Rikachu] Bareback?
[Raps555] LOL
[Casss] Yup
* Raps555 gutterballs
[Rikachu] ...-_-
* DaveyDaVinci can, also. My gramma has horsies
[DaveyDaVinci] Yeah
[DaveyDaVinci] I gutterballed at that one as well
[Rikachu] Pervs.
[Raps555] xD
[Raps555] you would.
[Casss] I've done it at my cousin Keegan's. :3
[DaveyDaVinci] And I did
[Raps555] LOL
[DaveyDaVinci] You went bareback with your cousin?
[Casss] Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaddup
[Raps555] ROFL
[Casss] I hate you all
Chain Kicking - PG
* AsianRaps belches IRL
* NaggerCass has a pen in ice.
* NaggerCass has a pen....ice.

[BlueRi] Poor Raps. Being Asian, he lacks in a certain area...
[Liz] xD
* NaggerCass kicks Raps
* AsianRaps kicks Ri

[BlueRi] :D
* AsianRaps passes it on
*** AsianRaps is now known as BlackRaps

[BlackRaps] all better. :3
[NaggerCass] f-ck chain mail, chain kicking is the new thing
* NaggerCass kicks Becca
[BlackRaps] xD
[Liz] :O
* Becca|Here kicks Raps.
<-- Becca|Here has been kicked by BlueRi (Becca|Here)
* BlackRaps kicks Ri
[BlueRi] ...
[BlueRi] Wrong command
[NaggerCass] ...
[NaggerCass] LOL.
--> Becca|Here has joined #nintendorks
* Liz picks up a jar of mayo and kicks the nearest fish.
[Becca|Here] Bish.
[BlackRaps] It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.
[BlueRi] i meant to type "/me kicks Becca|Here
[Liz] Oh wait.
[Liz] That's me.
* NaggerCass rofls
[BlackRaps] and then it's hilarious
Competitive Whoring - PG13
* Casss watches Silent Library.
* Raps555 watches Cass
* TeeJay likes that show
[Raps555] O_O
* Liz picks up her guitar.
[Casss] D:
* Raps555 picks up and axe
* Twi eats craisins
[Raps555] O_O
* Casss is watched
[Casss] ...
* Casss scoots away
* Raps555 chops Cass"s chair in half
[Casss] o.O
[Casss] O.o
* TeeJay dances to "When I Think About You, I Touch Myself"
* Casss runs away screaming
* Liz hides Cass.
* Raps555 challenges Liz to a contest...
* Casss hides behind LIz.
[Casss] i*
[Raps555] to see who can bring more boys to the bar!
[Twi] lol
[Casss] ...Lol
* Liz takes off her top.
[Liz] Fine.
[Casss] Liz will totally win ;]
* Raps555 rips off his clothes, relvealing he is actually a scantily clad woman
[Casss] Cos" she hot like that. *nods*
[Raps555] with an axe.
[Raps555] *revealing
[Casss] ...xD
[Twi] lol
* Raps555 poledances
* Twi giggles
* Liz sits in the lap of the nearest guy.
* TeeJay watches, passes out 1"s
* Raps555 drags the nearest guy behind the bar and begins making naughty noises
[Casss] ...
[Casss] Lol
* Raps555 is shameless, betch. >:D
* Twi does a sexy dance with a chair
* Raps555 sexy dances with Twi on the chair
* Liz kisses Cass and sexy dances around her.
* Liz then rolls around in mud.
[Twi] lol
[Raps555] You"ve got a topless chick dancing on you.
[Raps555] you must be drunk.
* TeeJay does a "WTMFH" look, and goes away to Wal-mart
* Raps555 crawls throught the mud.
* Twi takes off her top, then continues the sexy dance on the chair
[Raps555] Sexily.
* Liz mud-wrestles Raps.
* Raps555 makes sexy noises while wrestling Liz
[Twi] lol
* Raps555 makes out with Liz
* Liz groans.
* Casss isn"t a guy.
* Raps555 grunts
[Twi] Caveman?
[Raps555] TJ, you is only guy here. GET OVER HERE.
* Raps555 sexy dances on TJ"s head
* Twi sexy dances on Raps" head
* Liz dances topless in front of TJ, then proceeds to make out with the nearest chick.
* TeeJay is sexy danced on and likes it
* Raps555 proceeds to throw TJ on the bar and make out with him
* Liz gets bored and goes back to her guitar.
* Raps555 brought the only guy here to the bar.
[Raps555] I WIIIIIIN
[Twi] I love you guys
[Liz] Uh, no.
[Liz] Twi wins.
* Raps555 grabs Cass and walks off with her to the room full of barbies
[Raps555] LOL
[Twi] :D
[Raps555] Yes, i think she does.
De-Closeting of Mario, The - PG
[CassWitch] @eightball You're gay.
[Mariobot] Outlook good, CassWitch.
Dr. Davey - G
[Daveydactyl] I'd be a bad psychologist. People would call me and be like *ZOMG I'm at this bridge, I'm gonna jump*
[Daveydactyl] I'd be like *OMG me too! I have to get this heart piece underneath the bridge*
[Raps555] LOLOL
E-Romance - PG13
* Ri curls up into his chair, puts his keyboard on his lap, pulls the monitor closer.
[Raps] ...?
[Raps] Are you romancing your computer?
[Ri] ...
[Ri] no
[Ri] lol
[Mariobot] LOL
[DaveyDaVinci] Bow chicka ow ow
[Raps] Oh, your hard drive is so...hard.
[DaveyDaVinci] Omg, stick your floppy disc in my drive
[Ri] i'm just getting comfortable. xP
[Raps] Kiss my screen.
[Ri] ...
[DaveyDaVinci] Lol
[Mariobot] hahahhaha!! you're so funny DaveyDaVinci!
[Ri] that made it worse.
[Raps] xD
Even Women Like It - PG13
[Nina666] mmm head
Faucet - G
[Sparyosaloh] I just loved the expression.
[Claudia] I'm feeling lost here
[Sparyosaloh] I'll probably start it tomorrow and run it until the 16th or so.
* WWW|artiste wishes she could drag the Nintendorks to see the new Avatar movie with her.
[Sparyosaloh] Yeah, normally the chat doesn't move this fast, Claudia. xD
[HolasoyRi] usually it moves faster
[Claudia] I'm the only one that donĀ“t speak English
[Sparyosaloh] nooooo.
[Sparyosaloh] Well, you're doing pretty well. :D
* Alfie doesn't speak English
[Claudia] :)
* Alfie speaks AlisonLanguage
[Sparyosaloh] She speaks British. xD
[Claudia] :D
[Sparyosaloh] ...or that.
[HolasoyRi] I speak american!
* Beccapixie10 speaks Australian. (:
[Alfie] Actually, you all speak English US, I speak English English :D
* CassWitch speaks urmom.
[HolasoyRi] actually, i speak clifornian
[Alfie] ..Well, not all of you
[HolasoyRi] ...
[HolasoyRi] *californian
[CassWitch] English UK.
* Sparyosaloh parle francais, un peu.
[Alfie] ..Cliff Richardsifornian?
[Alfie] :D
* CassWitch listens to Ridin' Solo.
[Claudia] I speak portuguese :P
* HolasoyRi hablar espagnol, perra.
[Sparyosaloh] O.o
[CassWitch] ...Yes it is
[WWW|artiste] I don't understand you! Speak American! It's the only language I understand!
[Alfie] Not a proper one
[Sparyosaloh] LOL Where the hell did that come from.
Funereal Funeral - PG
* Cassikorita weeps.
* Alfie canz organise teh funeral?

[Cassikorita] Yus.
[Cassikorita] There shall be pink frilly things.
[Cassikorita] And Amps.
* Cassikorita sage nods.
[Cassikorita] YUS!
--> Beccapixie10 has joined #nintendorks
[Alfie] Hai
[Cassikorita] !
[Cassikorita] Wife!
[Cassikorita] You must join us in planning Ri's funeral!
[Alfie] We iz organising Ri's funeral. There shall be strippers.
[Alfie] Damn juu Cass :P
[Cassikorita] And pink frilly things.
[Beccapixie10] Oooh. Will there be Caek?
[Cassikorita] Yus. Oreo cake.
[Alfie] Mmm..Oreos
[Cassikorita] :3
Hurtful Truth, The - PG
[Sheba] @eightball are you bowsers bitch?
[Mariobot] Yes, Sheba.
Ice Breakers - PG13
[DaveyDaVinci] Boners are great ice breakers
[DaveyDaVinci] At parties or other social events
It Is Too Lengthy - PG13
[Peachisdabomb] urs is too long.
[Alfie] *sexual innuendo*
Lost Luggage - PG
[TeeJay] Oh no Sheba
[TeeJay] It crashed
[TeeJay] lol
[TeeJay] We've died
[Sheba] :O
[Sheba] my ass! i
[Sheba] i dropped it in flight!
[TeeJay] :O
[TeeJay] NOO!
Mariobot Obeys Becca - PG
[Becca|Here] @eightball be nice to my wife please.
[Mariobot] My sources say yes, Becca|Here.
[Sheba] @eightball sex?
[Mariobot] Outlook good, Sheba.
[CassWitch] !
[Sheba] |D
[CassWitch] @eightball Sex?
[Mariobot] Yes, CassWitch.
[CassWitch] :D
[Becca|Here] xD
[CassWitch] Becca
[CassWitch] Fixed
[CassWitch] Mario
* CassWitch kisses Becca on the cheek
Monkey Business - PG
* Taylor is upset that TS3 dont have a maxmotives cheat
[Cass] Ha.
[Cass] Just use the mailbox *rolls eyes*
[Rikachu] doesn't*
[Davey] TestingCheatsEnabled true
[Rikachu] And Awesomemod has a maxmotives cheat
[Davey] Click on the mailbox
[Davey] Shitflick*
[Davey] click*
[Davey] Ugh
[Cass] Shift click > Make All Happy. It makes it go all the way up. Unlike TS2.
[Rikachu] LOL
[Becca] Shit flick!
[Rikachu] Shit flick
[Cass] ...
[Rikachu] xDDD
[Cass] xD
[Davey] LOL
Pain Fetish - PG
[DaveyDaVinci] Lolol
[TeeJay] I agree! TOnight
[Raps] I really am. XD
[Tree4Liz] Raps should do a merry jig on a webcam or something.
[TeeJay] Maybe then I have bitch whip this app to work
[Raps] bitch whip?
[Raps] is that a fetish?
[Tree4Liz] Well?
[Tree4Liz] I wish to see a jig.
[DaveyDaVinci] Sounds kinky
[DaveyDaVinci] Lol
[Raps] xD
[Tree4Liz] And I damn well want to SEE a jig.
[DaveyDaVinci] I'm hungry
[DaveyDaVinci] All I've had today are grapes, tomatoes, and feta cheese
[DaveyDaVinci] Lol
[Raps] sounds like a european diet
[TeeJay] No, I have a pain fetish
[Raps] ......O.o
[TeeJay] Like
[TeeJay] If I have s sore on my arm
[Raps] ........
[TeeJay] I like to put duct tape on it
[Raps] UM.
[TeeJay] and rip it off
[Tree4Liz] DON'T. WANNA. KNOW.
[TeeJay] It feels good
[TeeJay] to me anywho
[Raps] ..........BAHA
[TeeJay] lol
[Tree4Liz] OKAY.
[Raps] QDB
[Tree4Liz] UM.
[Tree4Liz] YEAH.
[Tree4Liz] RIGHT.
special Pants - PG13
* Cassikorita yells "Penis" at the top of her lungs and waits for the impending awkward silence.
[Raps555] PENIS!
[DaveyDaVinci] Hmm, odd, that did nothing for me
[Cassikorita] PENIS!
[Cassikorita] ...Wut
[DaveyDaVinci] Lol
[Raps555] awkward convo about Davey's erection in 3...2...1...
[DaveyDaVinci] Speaking of which
[Raps555] ....
[Cassikorita] ...
[DaveyDaVinci] I have these really silky pajama pants...
[Raps555] ...
[Cassikorita] ...
* Cassikorita starts giggling.
[Raps555] and?
[DaveyDaVinci] And like...when I walk around, if I don't wear underwear after I get out of the shower....I gets a boner
[DaveyDaVinci] Because it's all swishy
[Cassikorita] ...
[Raps555] Rofl Davey's drunk.
Stork, The - R
[Alfie] YAY
* dead-sim is the annoying girl at school
[Twi] No it's not
[Twi] :D
[Alfie] T'is here
[Alfie] :D
[dead-sim] time zones
[Twi] No, really
[Twi] ?
[Rikachu] It's 8 hours and 45 minutes until tomorrow. (:
[Twi] What are these time zones?
[Alfie] GMT
[dead-sim] didn't u learn it at school?
[Rikachu] Zones where you travel through time, maybe?
[Twi] You mean, everyone doesn't have the same time zone everywhere?
[Rikachu] Oooh, we can go see the dinos if we go to Finland!
[dead-sim] yeah
[Twi] Strange
[Twi] I'm with you, Ri
[Alfie] XD
[Twi] I think you time travel through them
[Rikachu] And maybe dine with King Henry VIII!
[Twi] ooh, brb
[dead-sim] 7 hour difference in austria. not austrailia
[Twi] Whoa!
[Twi] They are different places?
[dead-sim] austria above italy
[dead-sim] australia is under asia
[dead-sim] i thought u ppl new this
[Rikachu] Oh, is it? I thought it was a giant mass of land in the sky!
[dead-sim] i was just telling the difference beween australia and austria
[Alfie] DEAD SIM! You are so cleverable! What's the ozone?!
<-- dead-sim has quit (Quit: Elvis has left the building.)
[Rikachu] ROFL
[Rikachu] That was fun
[Rikachu] xD
--> NIUser has joined #nintendorks
[Alfie] HAI!
[NIUser] t' s a molecule cosisting of three atoms
[Rikachu] What is? Urmom?
[Alfie] NO, MAIMOM!
*** NIUser is now known as dead-sim
[dead-sim] ozone
[Alfie] YAWAI!
[dead-sim] i llloooovvvvee sciense
[dead-sim] science
* Rikachu throws a donkat at dead-sim
[Rikachu] Yes, a donkat.
[Rikachu] It's a donkey-cat crossbreed.
[dead-sim] ok...
[dead-sim] and why did u throw it at me?
[Rikachu] Because
[Rikachu] It loves you
* dead-sim locks the donket in the fishtank
[Rikachu] And wants to eat your hair
[Alfie] dead sim
[dead-sim] yup?
[Alfie] How do you take care of donkets? Mine died :9
[dead-sim] i don't no. i just stuffed mine in the fishtank
[Alfie] Dead sim..how are babies made?
[dead-sim] sex
[Alfie] What's sex?
[GuardStud08] Penis +Vagina +Sperm = baby
[Rikachu] NU.
[GuardStud08] xD
[Alfie] YA, RI!
[GuardStud08] Paris Hilton parody moment
[GuardStud08] "Why are you putting on a condem?" "I dont get you pregnant" "Thats not how you get pregnant" "It aint?" "No, a stork comes and puts the baby in your stomach, duh!!" xD
[dead-sim] Alfie, u never watch tv?cuz it's filled with it
[Alfie] Users with a birthday within the next 14 days: AnimalMad (15)
[dead-sim] IT
[dead-sim] cousin it
[Alfie] Filled with what?
[dead-sim] ppl doing it
[Twi] Doing what?
[Alfie] Yeah, what?
[Rikachu] Where to where?
[dead-sim] concieving
[Twi] NI
[Twi] Concieving?
[Twi] ?
[dead-sim] sex, gosh
[Alfie] LOL, dead sim. You think I was SERIOUS? LOL.
[dead-sim] oh, good
[Twi] Sex?
[Twi] Is that like some newfangled term?
[Alfie] Everyone knows it's the stork's SISTER that brings the babies. Duh.
[Twi] OH
[Twi] I see
[Twi] So Sex is the name of the stork's sister
[Alfie] Yeah!
[Twi] OH!
[Twi] Ok :)
That Was You? - PG
[TeeJay] Oh, some gay emo kid added me to vSide
[Cass] Yesh
[Cass] Yesh I did
[Rikachu] ...
[Cass] ...
[Cass] That was bad timing
Unrealistic Expectations - R
[Raps555] You know what I want to know?
[Raps555] What is Joran van der Sloot doing in South America all this time?
[Raps555] I mean, doesn't he have a job?
[Davey|Wii] I know
[Davey|Wii] He probably had an assumed identity
[Ri] ...Lolwhut
[Raps555] his country of origin is....holland?
* Ri has no clue what you are talking about.
[Raps555] Ri: he murdered Natalie Holloway and some Peruvian woman
[Ri] ..
[Ri] Who
[Ri] is
[Ri] Natalie Holloway
[Ri] Or was, rather.
[Raps555] A girl on spring break with her class in...Aruba?
[Davey|Wii] She was a Florida girl
[Davey|Wii] Yeah
[Raps555] You're probably too young to remember.
[Davey|Wii] It was years ago
[Raps555] You'd have been, like 8 or 10.
[Ri] You know, I don't get the point of vibrators
[Ri] No man is going to feel like that
[Raps555] ....
[Davey|Wii] L
[Davey|Wii] M
[Davey|Wii] A
[Davey|Wii] O
[Davey|Wii] Ri
[Davey|Wii] Hahahahaha
[Raps555] ...
* Raps555 shakes his head and walks away
WWW Gets Excited - PG13
[Ri] We need a money making scheme.
[Raps555] a sims 2 blog, a NI blog, and a game updates blog?
[Ri] Then we can have a TV SHOW!
[Raps555] xD
[Raps555] And prostitutes!
[Raps555] ....
[Raps555] was that out loud?
[Raps555] >.>
[Raps555] <.<
* WWW is getting excited
[Raps555] ....LOL EW
[Ri] Keep it in your pants, Dubja.
[WWW] Wait... what?
[Raps555] ?
[Raps555] xD
[WWW] >.<

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