2010 - April

Bringing Boys to the Bar - PG
[WWW] You want a milkshape? Let me get my BLENDER. Ohohohohohohoho.
* WWW is so clever
[DaveyDaVinci] LOL!
[Twi] lol
[Raps555] HAHAHAHA
[DaveyDaVinci] That's awesome
* Raps555 dies of laugher
[Raps555] PLEASE post that on mts
[DaveyDaVinci] Ok
[DaveyDaVinci] I will say something first
[WWW] I actually stole it from #create.
[DaveyDaVinci] Aw
[Raps555] oh. :P
[Raps555] darn
[Raps555] oh well, qdb anyway...
* Raps555 whistles
[Rikachu] ..I was about to say you can use my 3Ds to get the milk...
[WWW] I was hoping you wouuld! XD
[Rikachu] 3Ds meaning triple Ds
[Rikachu] Lol
[DaveyDaVinci] Ewwwwwww
[Twi] hahaha
[DaveyDaVinci] Hahaha
[Raps555] Hahaha
[Cass] ...
[Raps555] BOOBS
[Raps555] just saying
[Raps555] no wait.
[WWW] (.)(.)
[Raps555] Yes. nvm
[Rikachu] I was going to go with Maya but couldn't hink of anythign for it
[Raps555] xD
[Cass] ( . Y . )
[Cass] Pwn.
* Cass runs
[DaveyDaVinci] Even the Ancient Maya used BLENDER to make their Milkshapes
[Cass] :]
[Rikachu] Hahaha
[Raps555] HAAAA
[WWW] Do you-a hav-a may-a milkshape? No, let me get my BLENDER.
[DaveyDaVinci] HAHAHA
[Rikachu] Hahaha
[WWW] Milkshape for Mario.
Effectiveness - PG
* Ally Cat uses bitchslap
* Raps uses bitchkick
[Ally Cat] Bodyshop has fainted!
* Raps knees pikachu in the face. IT'S SUPER-EFFECTIVE!
Tree4Liz xD
Fatness Fail - G
[WhiteWaterWood] OMG This fat morph looks AWFUL! O.0
[Raps] LOL
[Raps] pic!
[Raps] Nao!
[WhiteWaterWood] It comes pre-exploded for your convienience!
Fermented Bread - PG
[DaveyDaVinci] Oh
[DaveyDaVinci] Is that what that means?
* CassehCat listens to Stronger.
[DaveyDaVinci] I don't see how it's a straight jacket
* Rapsiraffe doesn't see it, Ri
[Ri] ...
[Ri] | is the spine
[DaveyDaVinci] O.o
[Ri] >< are the arms
[DaveyDaVinci] ....
[Rapsiraffe] ....
[DaveyDaVinci] Lol
* CassehCat does not get it.
[DaveyDaVinci] Those look like wings
[DaveyDaVinci] Maybe you really do need a straight jacket
[Twi] Shouldn't the arms be the other way?
[Ri] D:::
[DaveyDaVinci] o.O
[Rapsiraffe] Ri is a bit drunk nao...
[DaveyDaVinci] Lol
[Ri] ...
[Ri] I haven't had any since that first sip
[Ri] Lol
[DaveyDaVinci] <|> makes more sense
[Ri] ...How
[Rapsiraffe] At least when you're sober, your nonsense makes sense. xP
[Ri] Lol
[DaveyDaVinci] How many people think >|< is nonsensical
[Ri] That looks like a dancing person
[DaveyDaVinci] Raise your hands
[DaveyDaVinci] *Raises hand*
* Ri duct tapes everyone's hands to their sides
[CassehCat] Why the fuck are SO MANY rap songs about sex.
[Twi] My feet are hot now
* Rapsiraffe raises one hand and puts other hand up own ass
[DaveyDaVinci] !!!
[DaveyDaVinci] Lol
[Ri] ...
* CassehCat raises her hand
[DaveyDaVinci] You would, raps
[Rapsiraffe] Cass: because all rappers are man-hoes.
[DaveyDaVinci] I'm not a man ho....
[Ri] Oh wait
[DaveyDaVinci] Lol
[DaveyDaVinci] You're a ho for men
[CassehCat] OR ARE YOU.
For the Good of All - G
[Shebus] i think that if you want to wear a thong, you MUST go through an application process.
Good Law, A - PG
[Raps555] Waynesboro VA: It is illegal for a woman to drive a car up Main Street unless her husband is walking in front of the car waving a red flag.
[Beccaceratops] Thailand: It is illegal to leave the house if you are not wearing underwear.
[Davey] In my house, it is illegal for women to be naked, unless they are men
[Beccaceratops] xD
Gutterball - PG13
[Rikachu] I just typoed final fantasy as anal fantasy
Hard at Work - PG
[Idaman] where's everybody?
[Liz] We're -working-, more or less.
[Liz] And smoking a little meth.
[Mariobot] better be ok
[Beccaceratops] Depending on the meaning of everybody...
[Liz] I kid.
[Liz] We're not really working.
How Impolite - G
[Cass] So
[Cass] I herd
[Cass] You shaved
[Cass] My
[Cass] Sheep
[Cass] Without my permission
[Cass] -_-
[Beccapixie10] ...xD
[Raps555] xD
Implants - PG
[Raps] Phone convos are quite amusing.
[Raps] I was talking to a friend on the phone and she apparently got her breasts caught on a faucet. xD
[Liz] How is that even possible?
[Rachel] I didn't know that was possible...
[Raps] IDEK. xD
[Cass] I'm scared of faucets now
[Raps] "My breasteses are caught in the blender!"
* Raps made that up. :P
[Cass] ._.
[Raps] Ow.
[Rachel] OUCH
[Raps] yes. very.
[Rachel] Those would have to be very large breasts...
Interesting Candy - PG
* Raps555 could really go for a huge vanilla tootsie roll right now
[Raps555] ...
[Ri] ...
[Raps555] that sounds bad.
[Ri] That's what she said.
[Twi] ...
Mariobot Learns - PG
[Ri] @bt learn
*** Ri is now known as Rikachu
[Raps555] this should be fun!
[Cass] Pie.
[WWW] bot learn?
[WWW] What does that do?
Mariobot Upgrade - G
[DaveyDaVinci] May I have a hug, Mariobot?
[Mariobot] don't laugh at me please, i can't help i was created this way
[WWW] Yes. It used to be Mario was like a big dumb monkey that had learned to talk.
[Mariobot] she said yes! i said why
[DaveyDaVinci] I can see he's improved
[DaveyDaVinci] o.O
[Rikachu] @bt learn
[WWW] Now he is like mentally retarted yet shy llama.
No Dignity - G
[Liz] Oi stupid!
[Peachy] You hollered?
[Raps555] xD
[Liz] :3
Odd Zombie - PG
[Liz] https://2img.net/h/oi39.tinypic.com/hu3zq1.jpg
[Raps555] xD
[DaveyDaVinci] I want that pic
[DaveyDaVinci] Lol
[Liz] I hate how most programs come with the English names.
[Liz] Throws out the purpose of having an OS in another language.
[Raps555] Why do zombies always want brains? Why not testicles?
[Beccapixie10] ...
[Liz] Because brains taste better than testicles.
[Raps555] ORLY?
[Liz] Not that I'd... know... or anything...
* Liz hides.
[Raps555] Suuuuuure.
[Raps555] xD
Perez - PG13
* Raps555 wakes up in the morning feeling like HILLARY CLINTON
*** Tay|On|A|Cruise| is now known as Tay|Traumatized
[Cassikorita] Who is Perez Hilton
[Cassikorita] ?
[Raps555] google him
[Cassikorita] ...
[Tay|Traumatized] a fucktard asshole
[Beccapixie10] Celebrity blogger freaky guy.
[Tay|Traumatized] he is worse then Paris Hilton..
[Raps555] much
* Tay|Traumatized lols at his grandfather who is asleep on the couch
[Raps555] i'll get a pic
* Cassikorita eats the couch and it's contents.
[Tay|Traumatized] wha?
[Raps555] http://areyoustupidorwhat.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/fat_perez_hilton.jpg
[Cassikorita] .........
[Cassikorita] MY EYES
Rapsheba555? - R
*** Liz is now known as Rapsheba555
* Raps555 gets on titanic

[DaveyDaVinci] !!!
* Raps555 is headed for ice!
* Raps555 sinks
*** DaveyDaVinci is now known as Rapsheba55
*** Raps555 is now known as Glub

[Rapsheba555] Ohai Becca, it's the 23rd of April. Let's fuck.
[Glub] xP
[Rapsheba55] LOL!
[Beccapixie10] ...
*** Rapsheba55 is now known as DaveyDaVinci
*** Glub is now known as Rapsheba5555
* Rapsheba5555 is better

[Rapsheba555] That's fine, Rapsheba5555. Let's fuck.
[Rapsheba5555] O.o
[Rapsheba5555] tht would be extremely awkward.
[Rapsheba555] Hello Rapsheba5555's girlfriend!
[Rapsheba555] Let's fuck!
* Rapsheba5555 is single. xP
[Rapsheba5555] le fail.
[Rapsheba555] Sucks for you. Let's fuck.
[Rapsheba5555] xD
* Rapsheba5555 dun wanna fuck himself! D:
--> Mariobot2 has joined #nintendorks
[Rapsheba555] Ohey, it's not Obama's innauguration. Let's fuck.
[Rapsheba5555] LOL
[Rapsheba555] Hi Mariobot. Let's fuck.
[Rapsheba5555] Ohai mariobot, nice shoes.
[Rapsheba5555] Oh, and we shoudl fuck.
[Rapsheba555] :P It's fun being you.
* Rapsheba5555 wakes up in the morning feeling like Bill Clinton. ^.^
[Rapsheba5555] actually, no. Bill is a little too crazy.
[Rapsheba555] This condom is too large. Let's fuck anyway.
[Rapsheba5555] o.O
[Rapsheba5555] NO condom is too large for me!
[Rapsheba5555] xP
[Rapsheba555] The Justin Beiber size is too large! D:
[Rapsheba555] Let's fuck anyway.
* Rapsheba5555 bops himself. xP
* Rapsheba5555 pushes Rapsheba555 down the stairs
* Rapsheba555 falls down the stairs.
* Rapsheba5555 is evil twin! >:D
*** Rapsheba555 is now known as Liz

[Rapsheba5555] xD
[Liz] Well, that was fun.
[Rapsheba5555] agreed
*** Rapsheba5555 is now known as Raps555
Return of the Pelicans - PG
[Idaman] I got blood on my keyboard.
--> EbilBunny has joined #nintendork
* EbilBunny iz back.
[Tyger] ...
* EbilBunny sits.
[Tyger] How?
[EbilBunny> xD
*** EbilBunny is now known as Cassikorita
[Idaman] Bloody nose.
[Tyger] Ah
[Idaman] or is it?.....
[Raps555] projectile period.
[Cassikorita> Tina and I sat up talking till 5am this morni-
[Tyger] ...
[Cassikorita> ...
[Tyger] xD
* Cassikorita stares
[Cassikorita] LOL
[Idaman] TWI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* Raps555 lols at this
Sigmund Freud - PG13
[Raps] However, I have a penis, therefore she MUST have penis envy and be jealous of me! :D
[Cass] ...
[Cass] Ok..
[Rachel] Freud?
[Raps] yep.
[WhiteWaterWood] I dun want anything between my legs!
[Cass] ....
[Rachel] Me either, WWW
[Raps] how did you know? Was it the sex or boobs theme?
[WhiteWaterWood] Except maybe Elijah Woods.
[Rachel] Know what? That is was a Freud reference?
[Raps] SOOOO many QDB oppertunities.
[Raps] Yes.
[WhiteWaterWood] Indeed. XD
[Liz] QDB me and I kill you.
[Rachel] I remember that he had a theory about penis envy
[Raps] The man was deprived. xD
[Liz] My gun is on my end table.
[Raps] yes, he did.
[Ally Cat] Elijah Woodsew why bring Frodo into this?
[Rachel] BTW, you should QDB this
[Raps] xD
[WhiteWaterWood] I had a dream where I thought my cousin was hot. But it was a cousin that did not exist in real life so therefore it did not make me vomit when I woke up. Signmund, I blame you.
[Raps] yes. i am. :P
[Rachel] Good
[WhiteWaterWood] I need dreams with more hot shirtless men.
Starbucks Strikes - G
--> NIUser has joined #nintendorks
[Liz] Good day, NIUser. What would you like?
[Mariobot] yah its very good Liz
[Liz] ...
[Beccaceratops] NOT YOU PEACH!
[Raps555] xD
[Liz] Peachy, you're stupid and I hate you.
[Peachy] You hollered?
[Lolrusenade] xD
You Should Have Waited for Me! - PG
[Raps555] I think that command died with the old mariobot
[Rikachu] !kill
[Rikachu] yes, yes it did.
[Mariobot] yay Rikachu said yes!
[WWW] Dude. Mariobot died?
[DaveyDaVinci] !!!!!
[Rikachu] A while ago
[Raps555] at one point
[Cass] Hay Mariobot. Can I have a Pepsi?
[DaveyDaVinci] Oh noes
[Rikachu] I had to reinstall him
[WWW] And I didn't get to help?
[Raps555] xD

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