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    In your head, trying to convince you to get lollipops
    Usergroups: Moderators, Veterans, VIPs
    Rank: The Shadow In The Night
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    Nothing makes me laugh. Except Tickle Me Elmo, they're vile beings.
    Rank: Lv3
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    Bit of a pain in the gullivers, Mum!
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    Rank: Lv7
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    Due to quantum mechanics, this cannot be determined for sure.
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    Rank: Weegee
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    cookies, pie, and ruling the world with my sidekick: the Fork of Lies
    Rank: Lv1
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    Arkham Asylum, Gotham
    Usergroups: Veterans, VIPs
    Rank: Harlequin of Hate

Rank: The Cogs Hope
The Cogs Hope
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