What to do if your signature is not appearing correctly

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Urgent What to do if your signature is not appearing correctly

Post by Rapsheba555 on July 11th 2010, 12:26 am

If your signature is not behaving properly:
  • and contains an image contained in [img] tags, be sure that the [img] tags are correctly written, and that you have closed the second tag with a "/", like so:
    [img]insert image link here[/img]
  • and contains html or BB code, please be aware that we do not recommend using these codes in signatures because if they are spelled out incorrectly, even by a single character, they can destroy any page they happen to appear in, or result in serious glitching.
  • and contains code from another site, such as a facebook "Like" icon, be sure that the code that you copied is copied and pasted in full, and is not missing parts. If it continues to misbehave, please contact the site or person where the code originated.
  • and none of the above solutions work, it is likely that you are simply attempting to put something in your signature that our signatures do not support.


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