New Super Mario Galaxy 2 Gameplay Trailer and other things

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Happy New Super Mario Galaxy 2 Gameplay Trailer and other things

Post by Rapsheba555 on April 25th 2010, 3:26 am

Also, a few new confirmed things:

Cloud Mario:

Rock Mario:

Light Yoshi:

Wind Yoshi:

The apparently final logo:

The deck of the mothership:

It has also been confirmed that player 2 will play as an orange Luma who as special abilities such as phasing through screens, floating, and direct attacks. Great, now I have to make an orange Luma too. xP

And a few guesses:
  1. The beginning goes something like this: Mario finds a Luma fallen to Earth (shown in a screenshot), then while they are conversing the castle is attacked by Bowser is mega form. The princess is (necessarily) captured, and Mario looks to the Luma for help, who leads him to the fat Luma on the starmarioshipthing.
  2. The fat Luma could be looking for Rosalina, and enlists Mario's help.
  3. This is likely an alternate timeline where Mario has not yet met Rosalina
  4. If so, there is no need for SMG2 to be canon with SMG1.


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