Mouse Indy 500

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Mouse Indy 500

Post by Liros on April 14th 2010, 8:21 pm

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Reporter: "I'm here live at Nip Lane, where the annual Mouse Indy 500 is being held. The races have just ended for today, and I am told that Robert Gouda, driving car number 37, is the rodent everyone has their eyes on this year. His crazy antics on and off the track have caused more accidents than any other contestant, but because of his reckless driving, he may just secure himself the coveted Big Cheese trophy and a year's supply of cheese-and-cracker party platters. Even after the race ends for the day, there's games, raffles, contests and even live concerts. Popular beer companies such as Heinekat and Budweispurr have booths set up, not only selling alcohol, but doing giveaways and contests. And the ever-popular Te-cat-e cheerleaders are here again. There's still two days left for the event; you can go online to get tickets still. Reporting live from Nip Lane and the Mouse Indy 500, I'm Dan Hairball. Back to you in the studio."

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