Site Updates: Chatbox and FlockDraw

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Site Updates: Chatbox and FlockDraw

Post by Rapsheba555 on February 7th 2010, 5:06 am

If you use our Java chat page here on NI, you'll notice a few changes when you click that little purple button in the menu. You'll be directed to a menu similar to what we already had in place for the QDB. Here, you can choose either 'Chatbox' or 'FlockDraw.' The Chatbox link will, naturally, direct you to the same chatbox you're used to. However, FlockDraw is a new thing I've put in place. It's basically like an online whiteboard, where everyone can draw at the same time. It's rather fun, and can be quite useful. Since (for most of you) the links from the chat menu page will open in tabs, you can simply open both if you wish. We did, for a few hours at least, have both the chatbox and flockdraw on one page, but it produced lag for some of our users. This is a rather beautiful example of what people will do to the poor whiteboard:


Additionally, I have done a couple of updates to the chatbox. Now, when you mouse-over a user using the NI chatbox, it will display "Nintendorks" instead of "Please type your organization name here." :P And I've also fixed the commands for the smilies, here's a full list, try them out and see what you get! :D

:) or :-)
:-D or :d
:P or :p
;-) or ;)
:-( or :(
:-| or :|
:$ or :#
8D or 8d
:S or :s

Let me know if you run into any problems.



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