Site Rules: Ranks and VIPs

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Sticky Site Rules: Ranks and VIPs

Post by Rapsheba555 on September 7th 2009, 9:42 pm

The site's ranks are as follows:

Special RankMay be requested under certain circumstances.
VIPVIPs are people of special bearing on the site, and
will occasionally be nominated by other VIPs.
Nintendork1 post
Casual Chatter15 posts
Talker35 posts
Spammer100 posts
Spam Lover175 posts
Spam Spreader250 posts
Pot o' Spam500 posts
True Nintendork???

And there could be more after those as well...Wink


"And thus, it is revealed that 99% of Nintendorks are closet perverts.
God I love this place."

All operators are busy, please insert more money.

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