Site Update: New and Improved ChatBox

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Site Update: New and Improved ChatBox

Post by GuardStud08 on September 6th 2009, 1:00 am

Thanks to the effortless trial and errors made by Tree4Me (Liz), we have a new Chat Box. This one runs on Java, meaning little to zero lagging. In order to chat, you MUST register your Nick on the chat. This is done by using the following in the chat itself:

/msg NickServ REGISTER password email

Simply replace password with a password of your choice and email with your email. After you register, check your email for a Verification code. You MUST verify before your registration is complete.

The chat can be found here. Simply read the information on the front page on how to enter the chat. Sometime you may notice your Nick have a few characters at the end of it. For example, you may find that Charles will be Charles5, this is simply because that Nick has already been registered. You will have to use a different one if this happens.

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Re: Site Update: New and Improved ChatBox

Post by Liz on September 6th 2009, 11:41 am

Just to add on to what TJ said, I am also creating a bot named Peach. She will be there, she'll be able to have conversations and the suchlike, however, until all the kinks are worked out, she will be considered as "Super PMS Peach" and may not do -exactly- what the command says.

I might also add that the progress of the bot -will- take a while to perfect. PIRC is something that I've NEVER worked with before, but I'm gonna have fun working it out. : Lol :


To do with the chat itself, I may need a little bit off time where only the chat staff log into the chat to test a few things. I will ask to put an announcement over the ticker, and -may- kick people who don't need to be on there.

Sorry for any inconvenience that may cause.


One more thing. The chat will be auto-purged if it goes unused for 120 days.

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