I need examples of School Newspapers

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I need examples of School Newspapers

Post by Elephant on August 27th 2009, 11:33 pm

As you probably don't know, I'm homeschooled.
Yes, homeschooled.
Yes, my mom is my teacher.
Yes, I have friends.
Yes, I'm socialized.
What do you mean what grade am I SUPPOSED to be in? I AM a senior.
Yes, I have a graduation ceremony.
Yes, it's with other kids. At least 12 other seniors. (Smaller = more personal and normally most of us will give a speech, sing, play an instrument, yada yada yada)
Yes, I can go to college.
I plan to major in photography actually.

Rolling Eyes

Now... What was I talking about? Oh yeah.

Our local homeschool group (whose website I built) has this thing called a co-op where like 200 kids grades K-12th get together once a week for 20 weeks and take classes (for appropriate grade levels) taught by other homeschool moms. Some highschoolers teach too (I'm teaching Computer Lit. and a journalism class for 7th-12th grades)

To see what I'm talking about go to www.nelcha.org

ANYWAY, in the journalism class, we're making "school" newspapers and will sell them in the co-op every other week.

I need examples. Anyone have ideas of what we should put in them?
And what is/was in yours?

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