Your DREAM Tea Party

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Your DREAM Tea Party

Post by PowerCosmic on August 6th 2009, 11:40 am

Yes, I know i'm a bit old and male to want a tea party, but dammit, Lewis Caroll has warped my mind and I love Alice in Wonderland.
So I was just wondering, who would people invite to their dream tea party.
I would bring Fangs, The Crow, The Joker, My Cat, Freddy Krueger (cuz I love A Nightmare On Elm Street), L from Death Note and all of the Nintendorks.
Here's a picture I made when I was bored Very Happy

Hehe, Fangs has got all her dogs with her :P
So, who would you bring?

Rapist Rapist Rapist Rapist Rapist Rapist
Btw, if you're wondering about where I got the little people:



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Re: Your DREAM Tea Party

Post by WhiteWaterWood on August 6th 2009, 11:51 am

Hey! It's an L! *laughs* Hmm... I must think on this when my brain is not mush.

Queen of the Dorks
Queen of the Dorks

Hallo moto

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